Partick Trinity Church Of Scotland


Praying Hands Picture

Prayer is a key activity in Partick Trinity. We set aside special times for our members to pray together in church - and we encourage members and friends to pray every day in their personal lives. This can be part of our daily Bible study time at home - but, of course, we can pray at any time, anywhere, throughout each day.

Christians' relationship with God and spiritual growth are developed and strengthened through personal prayer, but the New Testament also lays much stress on the importance of both "praying for" and "praying with" each other.

We try to do this in several different ways. As well as the time of open prayer that closes most house group meetings, we have special prayer times in our church.

Prayer for PT

Every Sunday morning at 10am-10.30am we gather together in Church House (the flat attached to the back of the church) to pray for all that our church is involved in. All are welcome as we join together to seek God for direction and empowerment.

Prayer Gathering

This is on the second Thursday of each month at 7.30pm. Music and different methods of group and individual prayer are used to cover lots of up-to-date topics that are significant during the current month. Please come and join us for this very important gathering.

Prayer Sheet

Most months a sheet is compiled of individuals' health and other problems, as requested, and this is normally used for group prayer - then used in members' own prayer times.

World Mission Prayer Sheet

A similar sheet is prepared for the second Sunday service of the month to cover our missionary partners' prayer requests.

Prayer Requests

If you have a prayer request to add to our monthly prayer sheet or if you want to find out more about prayer at our church, please speak to Christine Hutcheon any Sunday or email