Partick Trinity Church Of Scotland


Reflect is the name of our new midweek gatherings - and everyone is warmly invited to attend. This is a key or core activity within our congregation and we hope that all our members and friends will come along, if they can manage.

Meetings are one of the following, usually on alternate Tuesdays :

7.15pm - in the church ending about 9pm. Each evening starts with pudding!
7.30pm - smaller Reflect groups meet in members homes.
Please check our calendar to confirm which of these is happening on a particular week.

Reflect can be understood in three ways: (1) a time for everyone to stop and think - or reflect - on what we hear; (2) a challenge to reflect the light of God; and (3) a place where our lives outside church can be reflected inside as well.

The third of these is the real focus of the gatherings. We want to help one another to cope in a Christian way with what happens to us where we spend the majority of our time:

At work
In class
Doing the shopping
Watching TV
Meeting friends
Making ends meet
Dealing with our families
Coming across challenges to out faith
Opportunities to bear witness to Jesus
Times when we just don't know what to do or say
Pressures that are hard to bear

Our hope is that with input from the Bible, from other Christians who have prepared specialist material, and by sharing our own experiences, we will become more confident and effective servants of Jesus in these situations.

Topics will be based on questions you have, problems you are facing, and situations you are in - so please let us know!

For more information about Reflect please email us.